St. John’s Lutheran School – Summer and Fall 2020 Updates


Choice Lunch Updates for Fall 2020 – Hot Lunches will be SAFE and healthy!

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Excellent Resource for Research-Based Information about COVID-19



FAQs from Zoom Town Halls

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Recently California Governor, Gavin Newsom, said that schools might start early (July). St. John’s will be starting at the normal start date as posted in our 2020-2021 calendar. First day of school: Tuesday, August 18, 2020.

2020-2021 Calendar


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Click for an important video announcement concerning learning at St. John’s https://bit.ly/2RYQ4bT


St. John’s will be continuing online learning the week of 4/20/2020.

Re-Opening Information

  1. California: https://www.gov.ca.gov/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/California-Roadmap-to-Modify-the-Stay-at-Home-Order.pdf
  2. Federal Government: https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/6840663/Governmentpacket.pdf
  3. Federal Government Press Release: https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/president-donald-j-trump-convenes-members-congress-serve-opening-america-congressional-group/


Yesterday Governor Newsom stated: “”We should not prepare to bring our children back into the school setting,” Newsom said, adding that school districts should instead be focused on improving and enhancing distance learning. Newsom stopped short of issuing an executive order related to school closures.”” (Quoted from LA Times). THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT ST. JOHN’S WILL BE ONLINE FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR. St. John’s is and will continue to make the call about school coming back on campus based on local, state and federal health department recommendations.

Keep praying! www.drhollatz.blogspot.com 


SJLS Parents – Yesterday the State Superintendent for School in CA stated that “it appears that our students will not be able to return” to classrooms this school year. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT ST. JOHN’S WILL BE ONLINE FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR. First, the state superintendent does not govern private schools. St. John’s is and will continue to make the call about school based on local, state and federal health department recommendations. Second, the superintendent said “it appears.” Even he doesn’t know for sure. Third, much of the decision making at the state schools level is also based on negotiations with public school teacher unions.

St. John’s feels that making decisions week-by-week is the best way to plan wisely. We will be online through April 10 and most likely through April 30, but we will make that call in a week or two.

Easter/Spring Break is April 10-19. There will be NO online instruction during that time.


Family resources for talking with your children about COVID-19 https://bit.ly/sjlscovid


Although Orange USD has announced they will remain closed through May 8, St. John’s will continue to make the call about campus closure on a week-by-week basis. See below.

St. John’s Lutheran School will continue to follow federal, state and local health officials with regards to the length of this online learning period. St. John’s will make the call week by week as to when school will resume on campus. The school (preschool – 8) will be online the rest of this month (March) at the least. If school moves back to face-to-face, that information would be sent out to all parents as soon as the decision is made. 

If your student needs a technology device during this time, please reach out to your child’s teacher (K-8).

Tuition: St. John’s continues to offer education, so we will continue to collect tuition. The economic hardships for each family are different, and there are some that need help during this COVID-19 economic downturn. St. John’s will work with each family individually to reschedule payments (there are no payments in June, so that is an option for some) as needed by each family situation. Tuition questions should be addressed to Dr. Hollatz and Shannon Arnold (school bookkeeper).

Families impacted by the current economic downturn and COVID-19 need easy to access free resources available to the community.  Many resources are scattered here and there, thus I put together a Facebook page with links to free resources, like food pantry, grab and go bags, grocery store runs and etc. (From a SJLS mom!)
It is a public site.  Please feel free to share it to anyone who might benefit from it. 


Today’s chapel message: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Dst26S0_-V8EPZMawBKXD68NuZr2X2K3/view?usp=sharing

If you are having fun with an activity at home and would like to share it so that I can share it on SJLS social media, please send me pictures or videos. We would love to showcase the various activities going on at home to provide others with hope and encouragement! Be sure to follow us on social media: @sjlsorange on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to follow the fun! Try this to upload larger files https://driveuploader.com/upload/1VGLawC93R/. My email is jhollatz@stjohnsorange.org.

St. John’s continues to do everything we can to make sure that our child experiences a full and robust learning experience! We are praying for your families each day. Please pray for us during this time as well. You can pray with us as a community at http://drhollatz.blogspot.com/.


No SAC or Preschool childcare per OC Health Guidelines posted today.


School Office hours 10:00-2:00.

The most up-to-date information will be posted to this page and stored in this Google folder http://bit.ly/2TNHyxH.

Continue to check your email and Slices for up to date information!

Pray with us on Dr. Hollatz’s prayer blog http://drhollatz.blogspot.com/.


A.C.T.S. of Kindness Week

Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you. Ephesians 4:32 ESV

Kindness Week is off to a great start! We had speaker, Brian Williams visit St. John’s yesterday and speak to Kindergarten through eighth grade. Every student who left that Auditorium yesterday felt empowered to spread kindness and make a change in the world around them.

Brian Williams, one of the nation’s top youth speakers, has challenged St. John’s Lutheran School to a massiveKindness challenge!! Our goal is to partake in 5,000 acts of Kindness before the end of the quarter on March 20th.

Brian is the founder of Think Kindness, a non-profit that inspires measurable acts of kindness in schools across the country. He speaks to over 100,000 students each year, has documented over 1.5 million acts of kindness, traveled to Africa 14 times and collected over 500,000 pairs of shoes for needy children and families.

Some of the main points Brian shared with the students were:

  1. Start Small
  2. Be Brave
  3. Be Kind
  4. No matter someone’s age, they can make the world a better place.
  5. Being kind starts with YOU!

All students and staff will be working hard to accomplish our goal of 5,000 acts of kindness by March 20th. We can CHANGE THE WORLD!

My: Sara Doyle, School Counselor


Read Across America Day 

Last Monday, March 2nd, we celebrated Read Across America Day. Our day was filled with lots of fun STEM type activities to help us connect with some of our favorite Dr. Seuss books. Dr. Hollatz started us off by reading The Foot Booksince we were all wearing crazy socks. We practiced skip counting to find out the number of girls’, boys’, and adults’ feet we have in our class. We talked about taking care of our earth after we read The Loraxthen balanced pom poms on top of Truffula trees we’d made. Fair treatment for all was our topic after hearing Yertle the Turtlethen stacked as many turtles as we could. Everyone had a chance to work together to stack 100 read cups to represent a giant hat after we read The Cat in the Hat. We ended our special day with two cool gifts to take home. Everyone got to choose a Dr. Seuss eraser and pencil! Oh the thinks you can think!! 

By: Mrs. Cook, 1st Grade

From sea to shining sea, American schools celebrated “Read Across America”  this week.  St. John’s Lutheran School was no exception.  In every classroom, teachers discussed their own favorite, age-appropriate books during informal book talks.  Students, therefore, were exposed to unfamiliar books, prompting many to jot down titles and authors on cards provided by their teachers. Teachers also provided a “free reading” period of time in their teaching schedules, further emphasizing the enjoyment and creative stimulation that reading for pleasure can provide.  Students gratefully took advantage of their teachers’ gift of reading time.

By far, the favorite part of our SJLS “Read Across America” activities was the costume choice that many students (and some brave teachers!) made to honor a favorite literary character.  The halls were filled with min-Harry Potters, junior-Where’s Waldos, and faux-Dr. Seuss characters.  Discussions and laughter overflowed on campus, as students attempted to guess their peers’ literary characters.

Students focused on reading.  People wore costumes.  Laughter erupted.  All told, the day was a complete success. Oh, the places we went!

By: Mr. Smith, 7th grade

Presidents in the Making

Throughout the month of February, second grade has been spending a lot of time learning about important people in our history.  We began by writing in-class reports on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, which enhanced both their writing skills and their understanding of our country’s past.  Now, they are working diligently on their own reports on an important American of their choice.  But we still have more important Americans to honor: them!  Over the course of the next week or two, the students of second grade will get to share what they would do as president of the United States, and consider what it be like if they were the ones sitting in the Oval Office.  They will be asked to consider what would be hard about being president, what they would enjoy, what problems they would solve, and more!  They may be young now, but you never know!  These may be questions they may get to answer for themselves one day!

By: Mrs. Lauren Morner, 2nd grade

Presidential Picture[2]

Ask…Imagine… Plan…Create…Improve! 6th Grade Engineers!

Recently, our 6th graders dove into the Engineering Design Process. Each student individually took on the challenge of designing and building an insulating device that can hold 200mL of hot water and trap the most heat for 20 minutes. To prepare for this challenge, the students studied the transfer of heat, differentiated between insulators and conductors, and researched good household materials to use as insulators.

Once the research and designs were created, it was time to build their devices! Each student built their own unique design and tested it. Once they tested their device the 6th graders had the opportunity to analyze their trial one data, reflect on the effectiveness of their design, and modify their thermos for a second trial! 

To reflect on the whole Engineering Design Process from start to finish, the students wrote a personal narrative to add to their middle school writing portfolio. They published their narrative on Flipgrid and had the opportunity to encourage one another by commenting on each other’s videos. 

Whew! Our 6th graders worked hard to sharpen their 21st Century skills as they thought critically, used creativity to design and build their thermos, collaborated with others, and communicated their experiences with the engineering design process!

By: Yvette Stuewe, Middle School Science