National Lutheran School Week – Generations!

St. John’s is celebrating National Lutheran Schools Week.  As we celebrate the overall theme, REAL. PRESENT. GOD., we also focus on five emphases: Real Grace, Real Places, Real People, Real Time, and Real Praise. The Neben and Van Blarcom families have experienced every aspect of a REAL. PRESENT. GOD. at St. John’s, as students and teachers in the classroom.

Real Grace – God’s word and His grace has been taught for many generations at St. John’s Lutheran School through the Neben and Van Blarcom families.

Real Places – The classrooms at St. John’s Lutheran School.

Real People – Mr. Eldon “Nobby” Neben, Mrs. Rose Neben, Mrs. Stephanie  “VB” Van Blarcom, Mr. Jason Neben (Mr. & Mrs. Neben’s son), Miss Amy Neben (Mr. and Mrs. Neben’s daughter), Pastor Trevor Van Blarcom (Mrs. VB’s son), B. Van Blarcom (Pastor Trevor’s daughter)

Mr. E. Neben was principal while Mrs. VB and Mr. J. Neben were students.

Mrs. Neben was the school nurse while Mrs. VB, Mr. J. Neben, Miss Neben, and Pastor Trevor were students.

Mrs. VB taught Miss Neben in middle school.

Mr. J. Neben taught Pastor Trevor in middle school.

Miss Neben currently teaches B.

Real Time – Since 1960, a Neben and/or a Van Blarcom has been on staff at St. John’s in one or more of the following positions: principal, assistant principal, teacher, nurse, coach, and pastor.

Real Praise – Praise the Lord for teachers and administrators that work at St. John’s Lutheran School!  May God continue to receive our praise as we, the Neben’s and Van Blarcom’s, serve Him as partners in Lutheran school ministry.

St. John’s Lutheran School has a REAL. PRESENT. GOD. that has blessed generations in the past and is blessing generations to come!

Author: jhollatz

I am the principal of St. John's Lutheran School and a proud dad of two girls at SJLS!

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