Exploring Winter Through Science

Why do animals hibernate? What does snow feel like?  Are all snowflakes really different?  How come baby penguins can’t swim? Over the past few weeks, my kindergarten class had fun predicting, exploring and experimenting with some of these topics.  

We were able to see why animals need to hibernate by touching and feeling different types of berries that were frozen in ice.  We also had fun exploring with Orange County style snow (fake).  The students were able to touch and feel the texture of snow.  They really loved how soft and fluffy it was. It was fun imagining how real snow might feel.

Learning about how snowflakes form was also a highlight.  We don’t get to experience real snowflakes so, we had to create some of our own.  We used pipe cleaners, Borax, and hot water to experiment with creating snowflakes. Predicting what would happen was so much fun.  We did find out that even our manmade snowflakes were all different. 

Lastly, we spent some time learning about penguins.  The students had some question about why the baby penguins’ feathers looked different.  They also wanted to know why baby penguins can’t swim until they are adults and how do they get food.  It was a lot of fun experimenting and finding some of these answers.  Winter truly is a wonderful time of year, even if you live in California.

Author: jhollatz

I am the principal of St. John's Lutheran School and a proud dad of two girls at SJLS!

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