2nd Grade Post Office… You’ve Got Mail

In addition to the special school-wide events of National Lutheran Schools Week, 2nd graders enjoyed an extra activity:  running their own post office.  Throughout the week, 2nd graders and their 6th grade chapel buddies wrote friendly letters and notes to each other.   The 2nd graders could also write and send letters to any of their fellow 2nd graders, while parents, siblings and family members contributed more mail, as well.    

So, how do you run a post office?  2nd graders can now tell you that it’s a lot of fun, but it’s also a bigger job than they ever expected!!    Each 2nd grader had a specific job of sorting, delivering, organizing, or maybe even filling in missing information while working in the “dead letter” office.  Every job was important, and they found out that they really head to pay attention to details if the mail was going to be delivered to the right person.   The classroom post office was run on both Tuesday and Friday, giving the kids a chance to respond back to each other’s original mail and also to try out different jobs. 

By the end of the week, each of our 2nd graders truly understood and appreciated the excitement of hearing those famous words:  You’ve got mail!!!

Author: jhollatz

I am the principal of St. John's Lutheran School and a proud dad of two girls at SJLS!

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