Where Do I Come From?

About a month ago, we asked our second graders to interview a family member and find out some deep history about their ancestry and heritage. The day these answers were due, they came bounding in with information that many of them found to be nothing short of exciting.  Some discovered they were descended from farmers, others from kings.  Some had relatives that fought alongside George Washington, others fought for their lives against the Nazis.  Collectively, the class found they came from England, France, Croatia, Afghanistan, Mexico, Ireland, Iran, Germany, Greece, Norway, Israel, Japan, and more!  In other words, the students were able to put their lives into a little bit of perspective and see a glimpse of where they fit into a big world of history, people, and events.  It was a getting-to-know-you activity like no other as they spent most of today sharing their finished “quilt squares,” and more importantly, their family’s history.  It was amazing to see how excited and proud many of them looked as they stood before the class and talked about where they had come from. 

Knowing where we come from and how we got to be where we are is something that everyone longs to know and can’t help but be fascinated by.  But as different as all of these students are from each other, as many places as they have come from, they are all the same in one way.  They are each a uniquely created child of God, adopted into one family through the waters of baptism and the grace of Christ.  Many of the students mentioned in their presentations that certain family members had been missionaries, founded a church, or have simply passed the good news of Jesus Christ down from generation to generation.  As different as each student and family was, it was remarkable to see how many families knew where they ultimately came from and who they ultimately belonged to.  Our God transcends time, history, and borders, and at such a young age, it is inspiring to see these students be able to understand a little bit of that together. 

By: Mrs. Lauren Morner, 2nd grade

Author: jhollatz

I am the principal of St. John's Lutheran School and a proud dad of two girls at SJLS!

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