The Compliment Project

Spreading kindness like confetti.

The Compliment Project is to help promote positive interactions between each student and to build the habit of giving and receiving compliments to and from their peers. Each student in class takes a turn being in the “hot seat.” While the hot seat student sits, facing away from the paper, their classmates take turns writing positive statements about them on the paper behind them. When they are all finished, the hot seat student stands and reads what has been written about them. That students gets to keep their compliment paper and take it home to remind them of the nice things their classmates said about them. It’s amazing what a little kindness can do and the difference it can make in anyone’s life.

By: Miss Anderson’s CFL class, 6th grade

Author: jhollatz

I am the principal of St. John's Lutheran School and a proud dad of two girls at SJLS!

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