Meet the School Board

St. John’s Lutheran School has a school board that makes policy for the school. The purpose of the board, on behalf of St. John’s Lutheran Church, is to see to it that St. John’s Lutheran School:

  1. Achieves appropriate results for the appropriate persons at an appropriate cost.
    • The appropriate persons are those from within and outside the Congregation who use and benefit from the ministries offered by the school.
    • The ministries and services of the school shall be provided at a fair cost to the congregation and the school’s consumers.
    • The school shall provide the highest quality ministries and services with honesty, integrity and grace.
  2. Avoids unacceptable actions and situations that would, in any way, put the ministries of St. John’s Lutheran Church in jeopardy.

The board does not run daily operations of the school nor supervise any staff member. Rather the board’s additional purpose is to support the entire faculty and staff of St. John’s Lutheran School. The board meets 11 times a year at closed meetings.

The school board for 2021-2022 consists of the following board members:

Sheri Ledbetter, Chairwoman – Sheri is a mom of two sons who both graduated from St. John’s. Sheri is a Communications Officer at UCI.

Richard Rohm – Richard is a dad of two daughters (3rd and 7th) here at St. John’s. Richard owns and operates his own CPA business here in Orange.

Michael Crawford – Mike is a dad of two daughters (2nd and 4th) here at St. John’s. Mike is the Director of Admissions at St. John’s Bosco.

Amanda Lebrecht – Amanda is a mom of a son and daughter (2nd and 5th) here at St. John’s. Amanda is the Dean of Students at Vanguard University.

Cameron Early – Cameron is the dad of two daughters (5th and 8th) here at St. John’s.

Julie Brown – Julie is the mom of 1 daughter (3rd) here at St. John’s and 4 children who graduated from St. John’s. Julie coordinates our Pizza Wednesday program.

Elise Ozawa – Elise is the mom of two daughters (3rd and 5th) here at St. John’s and one son (preschool). Elise is in sales at Mannington Mills. Elise is also the St. John’s Auxiliary President for 2021-2023.

Scott O’Day – Scott is a dad of two daughters (6th and 8th) here at St. John’s. Scott is in the FBI and is the Board of Elder’s representative to the school board from St. John’s Church.

Jake Hollatz – Jake is the dad of two daughters (3rd and 4th) here at St. John’s and is the school principal.

**All members of the school board are members of St. John’s Lutheran Church.**

Anyone wishing to get in touch with the school board can email:

Author: jhollatz

I am the principal of St. John's Lutheran School and a proud dad of two girls at SJLS!

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