Friendship Flower

In Mrs. Nelsons kindergarten class, we had a great time creating our “Friendship Flower.” We did this the 2nd week of school when the students were still getting to know each other. The importance of socio-emotional development is something I am extremely passionate about. Kindergarten is a particularly important period for this area of development; it’s where the foundational skills for appropriate social behavior are learned and embedded. I like to focus on various milestones and incorporate them into our lessons throughout the year.

Creating our class friendship flower gave each student the chance to connect and converse with their new classmates. They all learned new things about their peers and were able to feel comfortable asking and answering questions. It was wonderful to see them begin to build healthy, mutually beneficial, long-lasting relationships.

What is a Friendship Flower?

We started with 13 large flower petals that were cut in half like puzzle pieces. Each child was given a blank ½ of a petal. They designed and created their own petal however they wanted. After the decorating was done the students had to walk around and find which one of their peers had the other matching half to their petal. When they found their partner, they sat down and asked their partner 3 different questions. Their partner then asked them 3 questions that they answered. The students then got to “introduce” each other to the class and give one new fact that they learned about their new friend. We taped the petals together and put them up on a bulletin board and created our class flower. The mismatched patterns and colors make for some very cool art! We love looking at our flower every day and are thankful for all our new friends!

Author: jhollatz

I am the principal of St. John's Lutheran School and a proud dad of two girls at SJLS!

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