Mustang Musicians! Band at St. John’s

The Mustang Musicians in St. John’s Advanced Band kicked off the year with a bang!  They performed in their first concert just a week into the school year!  The band was invited to perform at Pretend City Children’s Museum in Irvine for their Kidstock exhibit.  Museum-goers attended the concert and had fun interacting with the music.  The band played a variety of familiar children’s songs, passed out bells so the children could play along with “Jingle Bells,” and played their favorite band piece, “Shark Attack.”  It was so much fun to see the children’s faces as they watched the band, and fun to see our middle school students being role models for the kids!  Not to mention, the musicians loved getting to miss a morning of school!

Advanced Band!

Meet the School Board

St. John’s Lutheran School has a school board that makes policy for the school. The purpose of the board, on behalf of St. John’s Lutheran Church, is to see to it that St. John’s Lutheran School:

  1. Achieves appropriate results for the appropriate persons at an appropriate cost.
    • The appropriate persons are those from within and outside the Congregation who use and benefit from the ministries offered by the school.
    • The ministries and services of the school shall be provided at a fair cost to the congregation and the school’s consumers.
    • The school shall provide the highest quality ministries and services with honesty, integrity and grace.
  2. Avoids unacceptable actions and situations that would, in any way, put the ministries of St. John’s Lutheran Church in jeopardy.

The board does not run daily operations of the school nor supervise any staff member. Rather the board’s additional purpose is to support the entire faculty and staff of St. John’s Lutheran School. The board meets 11 times a year at closed meetings.

The school board for 2021-2022 consists of the following board members:

Sheri Ledbetter, Chairwoman – Sheri is a mom of two sons who both graduated from St. John’s. Sheri is a Communications Officer at UCI.

Richard Rohm – Richard is a dad of two daughters (3rd and 7th) here at St. John’s. Richard owns and operates his own CPA business here in Orange.

Michael Crawford – Mike is a dad of two daughters (2nd and 4th) here at St. John’s. Mike is the Director of Admissions at St. John’s Bosco.

Amanda Lebrecht – Amanda is a mom of a son and daughter (2nd and 5th) here at St. John’s. Amanda is the Dean of Students at Vanguard University.

Cameron Early – Cameron is the dad of two daughters (5th and 8th) here at St. John’s.

Julie Brown – Julie is the mom of 1 daughter (3rd) here at St. John’s and 4 children who graduated from St. John’s. Julie coordinates our Pizza Wednesday program.

Elise Ozawa – Elise is the mom of two daughters (3rd and 5th) here at St. John’s and one son (preschool). Elise is in sales at Mannington Mills. Elise is also the St. John’s Auxiliary President for 2021-2023.

Scott O’Day – Scott is a dad of two daughters (6th and 8th) here at St. John’s. Scott is in the FBI and is the Board of Elder’s representative to the school board from St. John’s Church.

Jake Hollatz – Jake is the dad of two daughters (3rd and 4th) here at St. John’s and is the school principal.

**All members of the school board are members of St. John’s Lutheran Church.**

Anyone wishing to get in touch with the school board can email:

The 31st Annual St. John’s Student Leadership Retreat

Every summer, two weeks before the upcoming school year begins, over twenty 6th,  7th, and 8th grade students from the St. John’s Lutheran School Student Leadership Team attend an on-campus “retreat.”  This year’s retreat was held in the Garage Youth Room on August 2nd, 2021.  Our dedicated Student Leaders were able to receive the training necessary to help them lead our school during the upcoming year.  At the retreat our Student Leaders were able to plan, prepare, and strategize for the major events they will be hosting during the upcoming school year, including: 

  • Packaging 90 “Survival Kits” for the incoming 6th graders (distributed at Open House)
  • ASPIRE presentation training with Mr. Mercier
  • “Habitudes” (images that form leadership habits and attitudes) training with Mr. Mercier
  • Peer Counseling training with Mrs. Marko
  • Shepherding training with Mr. Stuewe 
  • Life Group training with Mr. Mercier
  • The National Lutheran Schools Week Fall Pep Rally 
  • Spring Spirit Week Theme and Devotions

After eating a delicious pizza and salad lunch from Lamppost Pizza, our Student Leaders spent time doing team building activities.  Not only were these activities fun and engaging, they were also designed to help our students experience the power of effective communication.  Good listening, engaged body language, eye contact, and empathy were just a few of the skills practiced during our afternoon games.  These games also gave our Student Leaders an opportunity to get to know each other in a fun, safe, encouraging environment.  

The St. John’s Student Leadership Team is excited to serve our school’s student body, our congregation and community.  What a blessing it is to have such a dedicated group of students and teachers who want to make a positive difference in the lives of so many people during the 2021-2022 school year!

By: Mr. Mercier, 6th grade, Student Leadership Advisor

Telling Bible Stories Using Stop Motion Video

The third graders were given the task of retelling a Bible story using stop motion video.  After learning how the process works by watching an example from Toy Story, the students began to plan.  They started out writing a short summary of the Bible story they chose.  Then, they created a plan that included what was needed for the background, characters, and props.  Once the planning was done, it was time to begin creating the characters and props from construction paper. 

A background image was used with help of the green screen, or blue screen in some cases.  All of the stories required over 100 pictures to be taken and characters moved little by little each time to create the 30 second video.  The final step was to do a voice-over reading of their version of the Bible story.  Overall, the students had a great time working together as a team to create their own stop motion video from scratch.  

Stop Motion Video Bible Stories 2021

By: Miss Neben, 3rd Grade

Math for Coffee Lovers

“Ms. Forrest, what do systems of equations have to do with anything outside of our math class?” “When will I ever use this math?”. These are not uncommon questions in a middle school class. My typical response is, “Well students I am glad you asked!”  To make our most recent chapter have meaning to our 8th graders I brought in something I know they like. It is not an unusual sight to see students show up to school with Starbucks cups and treats in the morning or walk into any teacher’s classroom and you are likely to find some coffee, usually a venti! So we combined our study of systems of linear equations and coffee to get some answers!

After our chapter on systems of linear equations we were curious to see if it would be better to purchase a Keurig machine and make your own coffee at home or stick with the convenience of a Starbucks trip. We took the real life Starbucks order of some of our middle school teachers and the cost of purchasing supplies at a grocery store to make that drink with a Keurig machine and started collecting data. Students calculated the cost of tax on the items and the machine and came up with a cost equation for both Starbucks and Keurig per cup of coffee. They tracked these relationships of a cup of coffee a day on a graph over the span of three years. Our results were confirmed using substitution and elimination. 

Our data overwhelmingly showed that if we are looking at our coffee addiction from a financial standpoint Keurig is the way to go after about 3 months. However, most students agreed they love the menu options and convenience of a Starbucks coffee! We were able to take this strategy and see how it applies to business in the real world and comparison of cost effectiveness. Math really is EVERYWHERE!

Caitlyn Forrest, Middle School Math