“The best way to inspire a love of reading is to read something you love … even if it is difficult”—taken from Jonathan Auxier’s Sweep: The Story of a Girl and Her Monster

As a school librarian, I couldn’t agree more emphatically, but it was truly something to behold when our upper grade students welcomed Mr. Auxier for our annual Author Day after having read his novel as part of their language arts classes.  Sweep is set in Victorian England and features exploited child chimney sweeps like Nan Sparrow, a twelve year-old orphan who is about to outgrow the dimensions of a typical chimney stack.  Students not only resonated with Mr. Auxier’s captivating presentation, including a book talk incorporating yo yo tricks, but he also silenced the audience with a moving solo that was instantly recognizable from the pages of his book.

The Q and A was rich with deep questions by students who had read closely and had many insightful observations, and I was proud of how our students had made their way through what was a very challenging book—nearly 400 pages in length, replete with advanced vocabulary with words like bespoke and obsolescence, in a context of the labor reform movement of the 1800s.  Not your typical reading fare for 4th through 8th graders.  But, I suspect that Mr. Auxier’s impact doesn’t end there.  We are left with the reminder “That’s how it works, doesn’t it?  We are saved by saving others.”

Deanna Barber, Librarian

Middle School Drama Club Elective

For the 2018-2019 school year, a brand new middle school elective was introduced, “Drama Club“. Drama Club students have the opportunity to practice acting and improv skills, work with partners and in teams, and learn the craft of stage acting. Students also have the opportunity to write and perform original scripts!

During elective class, we have an amazing time together laughing, rehearsing, and coming up with unique ways to tell stories.

All of this practice helps the Drama Club students with their most important work: sharing God’s word. The Drama Club has performed throughout the school year in chapel and at the fall pep rally. Their skits emphasize the truth of God’s love and His calling in our lives through humor and drama.

As their teacher, I am thankful for all the Drama Club students’ hard work and their willingness to get up in front of the school to share the Good News!

We are looking forward to a great spring semester-the Drama Club will be performing in chapel throughout it, and lead the school through our Holy Week chapel series before Easter.

Stephanie Ann Van Blarcom


Creativity in 4th Grade History Class!

In Mrs. Fink’s 4th Grade class, we wrapped up our last history chapter on California Exploration and Settlement with a choice-board activity. Students were able to decide how they wanted to share their knowledge of the material. They were given a variety of options, including a board game, a newscast video with a green screen, making posters, or trading cards.

The students were excited to be able to share their knowledge of the chapter in their own creative and unique ways! Our classroom has also been transformed into a harbor. As a class, we decorated our desks to look like boats. The students loved creating parts of the boat with simple materials like paper and popsicle sticks!

Mrs. Fink, 4th grade


Newton – Force – Magnets!

This week third grade learned about Isaac Newton, force, and magnets. The students enjoyed experimenting with magnets seeing them first hand attract and repel. The classes also enjoyed predicting what the magnets would stick to around the classroom and learned how very useful they are in everyday life!

Miss Lincoln, 3rd grade

Jamestown Virtual Field Trip

Last week, our fifth graders were able to experience a virtual field trip to Jamestown Colony in Virginia. Jamestown is the first English Settlement established in 1607.  This VR adventure took the students to the historical James Fort which was built along the James River with log walls for protection.  Here our students were able to experience a 360-degree adventure inside and out of some of the buildings of the Jamestown Colony including a church, an armory, the governor’s house, and a storehouse.  In addition, our students were able to experience what it was like to be in close quarters aboard the Susan Constant, which was one of the largest of the 3 ships that brought colonists to Jamestown. The students were excited to participate in this unique learning experience and were fully emerged in this unique early American experience.

Mrs. Schirrmacher, 5th grade

Trash into Art

Over the past few weeks third graders have been learning about taking care of our earth. We have learned about how precious natural resources are and how we can conserve them by reducing, reusing, and recycling. Last week students in my classroom had a fun opportunity to look around their homes for objects that were either no longer needed or would typically be trash. Their assignment was to create something useful out of these unwanted objects. This allowed students to experience firsthand what it means to reuse.  It was a fun seeing what our students came up with!

Miss. Lincoln, 3rd grade

O give thanks to the Lord!

In kindergarten, we had the opportunity to learn about and act out some of the events that took place on the First Thanksgiving.

We had a lot of fun on our Mayflower voyage across the Atlantic.  When we reached the new land, the students were given jobs to help prepare for the upcoming winter.  The boys did a great job of collaborating to make a common house out of Lincoln Logs, while the girls took care of the children in the forest.

When it came time to celebrate all the blessings between the Pilgrims and Native Americans, everyone pitched in to help.  The hunters had the job of preparing the turkey, the gatherers needed to harvest the corn, and the girls helped prepare the table for the upcoming feast.

When the feast was over, we continued the celebration with play time and game time. We of course saved the best for last, the pumpkin pie!

We truly have a lot to be thankful for.

Mrs. Harrison, Kindergarten