The first ever STEAM Corridor is opening at St. John’s Lutheran School in Orange. Over the summer the school took a giant leap into the future of education to be the first private school to open a dedicated STEM Lab for Kindergarten through 8th grade students.

The STEM Lab features a 3D printing lab with 4 state-of-the-art 3D printers from local company AirWolf (Fountain Valley), a creation station area for students to build and create, and a direct instruction area for group collaboration. The spaces was designed by local company Tangram (Santa Fe Springs) and has flexible learning furniture from Steelcase.

Across the hall from the STEM Lab is the newly branded music room where students get instruction in the musical arts. These two spaces together create the first every STEAM Corridor for a complete 21st century and beyond learning environment. A new visual arts studio is also across the street to fully compliment the STEAM philosophy and pedagogy of St. John’s.

Over the summer many hours of work went into creating the STEM Lab. Mrs. Grack is now ready to have students and learn all about various elements of technology and integrate their learning with other content areas.

There will be an open house and dedication for the STEM Lab on Sunday, September 9 from 9:00-12:30. Please stop in to see this fantastic blessing to our campus!

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Welcome to the SJLS Learning Blog

Faith-fillled, 21st Century Learning

Learning has never been easier or more complicated! Seventeen years into the 21st century, we know that technology helps us in almost every way we learn and yet it can also make the learning task overwhelming. St. John’s has embraced this dichotomy 100% and our students are immersed in technology-rich learning that is also fully grounded in research-based educational approaches. This learning blog will highlight the faithfulness of our Christian, Lutheran school tradition and our commitment to a technology-infused 21st century learning environment.

St. John’s has taken the next step in 21st century learning with the installation of Active Learning Environments to enhance technology implementation and student engagement! Our Active Learning Environments are in two classrooms (Mrs. Knego, 5th grade and Mrs. Frydendall, middle school). These learning environments not only help students collaborate and communicate (two of SJLS student learning outcomes [SLOs]), but they also enable students to have choice and voice in their learning.

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