Jesus in our Classrooms!

Teaching St. John’s Kindergartners about Jesus is one of my favorite things to do.  It was such an exciting time as we prepared for Advent services and awaited our Savior’s birth.  Getting ready for Christmas was a lot of fun in our Kindergarten class.

One of our favorite parts was when each student choose a part to play when we acted out the story of the First Christmas.  Each child got a part and created his/her own costume to wear.  It was fun to see the students collaborate and show their creativity while creating these costumes.  When the costumes were finished, it was time to put on a little show in our classroom.  The students did a great job sharing some of the special bible verse they had learned and telling the story of Jesus.

By: Mrs. Harrison, Kindergarten

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A tribute to Linda Warneke

Math, homework, A.R. quizzes, P.E., science labs, after-school sports, Spelling, Art, Computer Lab:  these are the things that fill our days at school and enrich our students’ lives in many ways, but it isn’t what guides us or drives us.  Last Saturday our St. John’s family gathered together to remember and celebrate the life and ministry of Mrs. Warneke.  We laughed and cried together, hugged, held hands.  In life and even in her death Mrs. Warneke was and continues to be an inspiration to many of us here.

Her sense of humor, creativity, and devotion to her Savior were on display every day of her life among us.  God’s blessings at our church and school are rich and deep.  It is a privilege to come to school every day and be surrounded by our staff, parents, and students who also inspire me and encourage me.  Our St. John’s family, while not perfect – like any family, is driven by the cross of Christ and His love.  Christ’s love permeates our campus; it guides us and comforts us.  It gets us through difficult times, like now, and takes us through times of joy and celebration, which are plentiful.

At Mrs. Warneke’s service we heard the words of Romans 8:  “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” And in Romans 12, “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”  Mrs. Warneke lived those verses each day – even to her last day.  What guides us and drives us at St. Johns is God’s Word and His love, our mission to serve Him the best we can, keeping the cross of Christ before us so on Saturday we could sing boldly “Now no more can death appall, now no more the grave enthrall; You have opened paradise, and your saints in You shall rise.  Alleluia!”

By: Mrs. Cathy Meier, 2nd grade

Middle School has New Friends From Korea -Reflections from 6th Grade

What a great day to begin a visit with our guests from Korea! Over the next couple of weeks, thirty students from Korea will be shadowing our Middle School students. Fifteen are shadowing our 6th graders and we had fun meeting them for the first time today!

Each guest from Korea traveled from class to class, with a St. John’s partner, to see what American schools are like and to immerse themselves in the English language.

In 6th grade science, the guests got to see active learning with the laptops as we reviewed for an upcoming test in a FUN way. Our students came to class with digital flashcards that they created on Quizlet to help them prepare for the upcoming test. We used some of the student sets to play games with the whole class. The students were shuffled into random teams and then challenged to collaborate and identify the answers to the questions the quickest.

We also got to know each other better in Christian Faith and Life as our St. John’s students shared their New Year’s resolutions and how God can support them throughout the upcoming year in accomplishing their resolutions.

In language arts they played Kahoot games together using the laptops. They learned about ancient Greece in history, and translated a story about a secret agent in Spanish. In math, they worked on solving pre-algebra problems and got to explore the universal language of numbers together!

We all ended the day watching our school’s Geographic Bee in the Auditorium.

In talking with our St. John’s 6th graders at the end of the day, some of their additional highlighted moments occurred during lunch when they really got to know each other better.

Some of these highlighted moments were:

  • Learning how to say words in Korean including greetings and the names of different types of sports balls
  • Teaching our guests how to play volleyball
  • Teaching our friends how to play Duck, Duck, Goose and enjoying fun laughs together
  • Introducing American foods to our guests such as Cheezits and Takis

Overall, we had a fantastic day and are very honored to have guests all the way from Korea!  It was very exciting to see our students take the Korean students “under their wing,” guide them around in such a kind way, and truly show interest in learning about them and their culture as well as introducing them to our school and culture.

As we continue the visit over the next couple of weeks, our prayer is that our guests from Korea see Jesus in us, learn about our culture, and develop strong friendships with our St. John’s students! What a blessing for us all!

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Walk through the Ancient World

On January 8th and January 10th every 6th grade student participated in our annual Walk Through the Ancient World “on campus” field trip.  Each 6th grade Ancient History Class was divided into 3 teams – Egypt, Greece and Rome. Depending on what team a student was placed on, they were given a blue character card from their team’s ancient civilization. All students were encouraged to create a costume and props for their character. Many of the students memorized the lines that they recited in front of their peers (which were on their blue character card). In addition to this, each team wrote a skit script that taught their peers (and all of the parents who were in attendance) about the daily like of their teams ancient civilization.  This fun, engaging, interactive event was held in the Garage Youth Room.  A fun, education time was had by all.  Events like this definitely make history come alive!

By: Mr. Nathan Mercier, 6th grade teacher

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Third Graders Explore Native Americans

The students in third grade have been learning about Native Americans in many ways.  They used the textbook and watched short documentary videos to complete learning activities about the Navajo, Yurok, Cherokee, and Haudenosaunee tribes.

They did sand paintings to reflect Navajo art.

They wrote short stories on “skins” using only pictures. After the stories were written, they were recorded on the Seesaw App and are able to be shared over and over again in class.

Skin Story

This is the story: There was good weather at Indian camp.  The campfire was good. A bear came to Indian camp. Help!  Now there is peace.  Have a good night!

Currently, each student has a tribe assigned to them and they are doing research and taking notes in the computer lab in order to use Discovery Education’s Boardbuilder to share their information. They are researching location, crafts, clothing, housing, food and the daily life of children in the tribes.  The final product will include a picture that correlates to the research and will be uploaded in the class Seesaw account.  

By: Miss Amy Neben, 3rd Grade