Slices – Weekly Newsletter – 3/31/2020

From Dr. Hollatz

Online Learning and School Updates at St. John’s

We are in week 3 of online education preschool through 8th grade at St. John’s. With every new learning endeavor, comes a learning curve. I know that each family has been getting used to this “new normal” and learning how to work with educational technology and facilitating lessons for your own kids. Thank you for sticking with us through this all!

St. John’s Lutheran School is first and foremost a school. We provide education for academic, spiritual and emotional growth. This is very difficult to do over online means, but we are truly doing amazing things!

  1. Our students posted over 3500 pieces of learning on Seesaw!
  2. Our teachers facilitated over 50 Zoom meetings!
  3. Nearly 800 parents connected with their child’s learning over Seesaw!

These are amazing learning statistics, but more than that, teachers have connected with students and students with friends via Zoom, which keep the relationship connections. Relationships are #1! Our relationship with God. Our relationship with friends. Our relationships with our family. St. John’s loves serving you!

Zoom – Some parents have asked: “Why can’t we do Zoom for hours a day?” It is a rare day that students sit for more than 30 minutes of instruction without a brain break, a bathroom break, or a recess. Kids need to move to be healthy! Zoom is not intended to be a point of instruction. Not only would it be nearly impossible to schedule a daily Zoom to have each child there at the same time (due to parent work schedules at home), but trying to get the kids to all pay attention and learn from a talking face on an iPad would be nearly impossible. We will continue to use Zoom to connect relationally, but St. John’s will not be using Zoom for direct instruction. 

St. John’s invested in Seesaw, Nearpod, Google Classroom and a host of other online resources over the past 2-3 years. This investment is proving to be ESSENTIAL now that we are online. Please trust the online instruction teachers are providing and have faith that your child is still learning and growing.

St. John’s Lutheran School will continue to follow federal, state and local health officials with regards to the length of this online learning period. St. John’s will make the call week by week as to when school will resume on campus. The school (preschool – 8) will be online through April 10 at least, and most likely through the end of April. If school moves back face-to-face, that information would be sent out to all parents as soon as the decision is made. 

Easter Break will take place from April 10 through the 19th. There will be NO ONLINE INSTRUCTION during this week. Take the week off and relax at home! Our teachers will also be on break during this time.

COVID-19 updates and news will be posted in archive on and through Slices each week.

If your student needs a technology device during this time, please reach out to your child’s teacher (K-8).

Tuition: St. John’s continues to offer education, so we will continue to collect tuition. The economic hardships for each family are different, and there are some families that need help during this COVID-19 economic downturn. St. John’s will work with each family individually to reschedule payments (there are no payments in June, so that is an option for some) as needed by each family situation. Tuition questions should be addressed to Dr. Hollatz and Shannon Arnold (school bookkeeper).

Students and families are the lifeblood of our school. We miss you all dearly and pray for you and for the virus to be defeated quickly! Follow the prayer blog to pray as a community:

Communications reminders:

  1. Academic questions – classroom teachers
  2. General preschool questions –
  3. Critical preschool questions –
  4. General K-8 questions –
  5. Critical K-8 questions –


The St. John’s campus is closed. Staff will be working from home the other hours of the day and will be happy to answer emails 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM.

School Age Care will NOT be open for any student care. Out of an abundance of caution we are wanting all children to stay home from campus.

Preschool will NOT be open for any childcare. Out of an abundance of caution we are wanting all children to stay home from campus.

A Note from Our Counselor

Hello Everyone! 

My thoughts and prayers go out to our St. John’s family as we transition into a time of online learning and social distancing. I want you to know I am here to support you. If your students are in need to talk to someone during this transition, please know I am here.  Feel free to contact the school office at 714-288-4406 or email me at If I am away from my desk, leave a voicemail and I will get back to you as soon as I can, or you can also email me and set-up a phone conference.

Lord help us to trust you even through the unexpected twists and turns of life. ❤

St. John’s is here for you! 


Miss Sara Doyle, K-8 School Counselor

A Note from Nurse Allie

As we head into week 3 of our online learning, I hope you are finding ways to keep your children busy, happy, and healthy.

Lately, whenever I turn on the television or look online, I only hear scary statistics and read frightening updates on the COVID-19 outbreak. So, I decided to look for some positive news and here is what I found:

  • China has closed down its last coronavirus hospital because there are not enough new cases to support them. They have also opened up most of their businesses as they try to get back to normalcy.
  • Scientists have learned that plasma from patients who have recovered from COVID-19 can treat others infected by the virus.
  • More than 150,000 people have recovered from the corona virus around the world.
  • Johnson & Johnson is planning to begin human trials of their COVID-19 vaccine by September, and the product could be ready by early 2021. Also, researchers in San Diego, Canada, Singapore and Israel all claim to be close to developing a vaccine.
  • The FDA has approved a coronavirus test that can give results in five minutes. The company is planning to begin delivering 50,000 tests a day by April 1.
  • A 103-year-old Chinese grandmother has made a full recovery from COVID-19 and a 101-year-old man has recovered in Italy.
  • The coronavirus isn’t mutating significantly, suggesting the virus is less likely to become more dangerous, and that a vaccine would offer lasting protection.
  • And, one of my favorites, pet adoptions in the United States are up as much as 10 times the normal rate and some animal shelters are completely empty.

So, it is not ALL bad news! And these are only a few that I found. Let’s continue to be responsible, care for one another, and stay focused on the safety of those who are the most vulnerable.

We will get through this, give it all to God – He has a plan.

You are all constantly in my prayers,

Nurse Allie

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K-3 students will love Storyline Online.  This free resource features accomplished storytellers reading exceptional picture books, many of which Mrs. Barber, our librarian, reads to classes here at St. John’s.  One of my personal favorites is Betty White reading Harry the Dirty Dog

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Election of Executive Board Positions- April 23, 2020

At our last Auxiliary Membership Meeting held via Zoom on March 26, 2020 the General Membership approved our Nominating Panel for the upcoming Executive Board elections for the 2020/2021 school year.  The Nominating Panel consists of our current Auxiliary Parliamentarian, Kelly Berardini and a Member at Large.  We did not have a volunteer, so Heidi Byrnes, our President Ex Oficio, will serve as our member at large according to our Auxiliary Bylaws.

Any General Membership member who has served as a Committee Chair, Room Parent, or Liaison during the current school year (2019/2020), the previous school year (2018/2019) or the 2017/2018 school year is eligible for the Auxiliary Executive Board.  All eligible members are encouraged to prayerfully consider serving in this role.

Our current open positions include- 2nd VP, Ways and MeansTreasurerSecretary

If you are an eligible member and would want to hear more about the roles and responsibilities of any of these positions, please email Auxiliary President Shana DiDodo at

If you did not receive an eligibility email and you did serve Auxiliary in the past 3 years and you are interested, please contact our Nominating Panel-  Kelly Berardini at or Heidi Byrnes at 

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