A Reason to Celebrate!

Last week at St. John’s was one of the highlights of each school year – Expression Explosion and V.I. P. Day.  It was a week to celebrate our students’ talents and hard work throughout the year.  Our 2nd graders have been working hard on their writing skills the past few months and got a chance to share them with our Expression Explosion guests and V.I.P.’s.  They had persuasive letters to their parents with very convincing arguments.  They created their presidential profile with campaign promises if they become president someday.  Their sincere hopes and concerns for our country and its citizens is very inspiring.  They’ll have my vote someday!  April is poetry month so they wrote Haikus and Couplets to work on their descriptive skills.  Jack described a leopard as a “slinky animal” and “hunting predator” and Slater described a viper as a “ terrifying slitherer” in their Haikus.  Working with rhyming in couplets was a challenge, but Autumn wrote that “Monkeys swing to trees on bendable knees” and Emily wrote, “Listen as the donkey brays.  If it’s hungry, it will graze.”  It’s so fun to read all of the wonderful poetry the 2nd graders wrote!

The week ended with classrooms packed with V.I.P.’s.  Our 2nd graders practiced their public speaking skills by presenting one of their writing projects to our guests, working on reading with expression.  They were very polished and definitely impressed their audience. What a blessing to have so much loving support through these special V.I.P.’s, including grandparents, parents, older siblings, and family friends.

The greatest reason we all have to celebrate as a family of God is coming up – Easter.  As we journey to the cross throughout Holy Week, we focus on the loving sacrifice our Lord made for all so that we can have new life in Him.  We have so many blessings at St. John’s to celebrate, but that is the greatest one of all!

By: Mrs. Cathy Meier, 2nd Grade


National Lutheran School Week – Generations!

St. John’s is celebrating National Lutheran Schools Week.  As we celebrate the overall theme, REAL. PRESENT. GOD., we also focus on five emphases: Real Grace, Real Places, Real People, Real Time, and Real Praise. The Neben and Van Blarcom families have experienced every aspect of a REAL. PRESENT. GOD. at St. John’s, as students and teachers in the classroom.

Real Grace – God’s word and His grace has been taught for many generations at St. John’s Lutheran School through the Neben and Van Blarcom families.

Real Places – The classrooms at St. John’s Lutheran School.

Real People – Mr. Eldon “Nobby” Neben, Mrs. Rose Neben, Mrs. Stephanie  “VB” Van Blarcom, Mr. Jason Neben (Mr. & Mrs. Neben’s son), Miss Amy Neben (Mr. and Mrs. Neben’s daughter), Pastor Trevor Van Blarcom (Mrs. VB’s son), B. Van Blarcom (Pastor Trevor’s daughter)

Mr. E. Neben was principal while Mrs. VB and Mr. J. Neben were students.

Mrs. Neben was the school nurse while Mrs. VB, Mr. J. Neben, Miss Neben, and Pastor Trevor were students.

Mrs. VB taught Miss Neben in middle school.

Mr. J. Neben taught Pastor Trevor in middle school.

Miss Neben currently teaches B.

Real Time – Since 1960, a Neben and/or a Van Blarcom has been on staff at St. John’s in one or more of the following positions: principal, assistant principal, teacher, nurse, coach, and pastor.

Real Praise – Praise the Lord for teachers and administrators that work at St. John’s Lutheran School!  May God continue to receive our praise as we, the Neben’s and Van Blarcom’s, serve Him as partners in Lutheran school ministry.

St. John’s Lutheran School has a REAL. PRESENT. GOD. that has blessed generations in the past and is blessing generations to come!